#1,803 – Sunnyside

Earlier today I moved one of my indoor plants to my outdoor patio because I realized that it was starting to die, presumably because it wasn’t getting enough light.  And it’s not the only thing in my dark, dreary apartment that’s starting to suffer after months of quarantine.  Perhaps, I’m not getting enough light either.

Thankfully, there may soon be a solution on the way.  A window capable of producing a full spectrum of natural light on demand.

As Fast Company puts it:

“One of the worst parts of quarantine is simply being stuck inside, with nowhere to go, dreaming of a place more beautiful than a cramped apartment or basement office.

But a new lighting startup called SunnyFive, which is part of Samsung’s C-Labs incubator, just teased a tantalizing conceptual product. It’s a beautiful artificial window, capable of mimicking the full spectrum of natural light, according to Samsung…

The window looks like a real window, albeit with the shade pulled down, so the light appears to diffuse through a barrier (though upon closer inspection, it looks like some or all of the light source is from a line of lights at the top). With an app, you can change the color temperature from a warm, orange sunrise to bright, white high noon, but also the actual angle of the light streaming in, so that you can simulate the way the sun casts different shadows through the course of the day.”

But as impressive as it would be to have a well lit apartment its the alleged health benefits that really stand out with this product.

“SunnyFive argues that its window can help your skin produce vitamin D even faster than standard sunlight, but without the risk of burning your skin or aging it.”

Sounds good to me, especially when you consider that we may all be stuck in quarantine for a lot longer.  As much as that would suck perhaps having Sunnyside by our side would help soften the blow.

Is Sunnyside the Greatest Idea Ever?


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