A CEO Roundtable Can Help You Navigate Through a Crisis

Unexpected and unprecedented is how most people would describe the outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic has impacted all aspects of life and for business leaders, the challenges have been daunting. CEOs have made tough decisions while remaining focused on supporting their employees, customers, and communities.

Very few people in any organization understand the challenges faced by the CEO. While key employees and executives offer important input and feedback, there are many issues a CEO simply cannot discuss with them.

Furthermore, unlike the CEO, employees do not have an overview on all aspects of the business and rarely appreciate the pressure and consequences of decisions a CEO must make. As a result, the position of the CEO can be a very lonely place. Here is where a CEO Roundtable (also known as a CEO peer advisory group) can help.

What Is a CEO Roundtable?

It is a confidential forum for like-minded leaders from non-competing industries who meet regularly to discuss the challenges they face and find options to resolve them through the experience of the other members.

Since members have no stake in one another’s business, there’s an openness that’s often lacking in meetings with senior management teams. They candidly discuss their insecurities and concerns, which is not always easy when they sit at the top of an organization. This is when the true value is realized.

Navigating Through a Crisis

While COVID-19 is unprecedented, the Great Recession that took place in Canada from 2008-2009 also had a severe impact on businesses. Matias Cofounder, Steve McGowan had recently joined Innovators Alliance had to lay off 75% of his employees and cut costs across the board during the recession. Steve McGowan decided to remain an Innovators Alliance member because he found other members had gone through similar problems in the past and were able to provide support, guidance, and experience to navigate through the turbulent times.

“At Innovators Alliance you are with people who are independent, supportive, who have gone through what you have gone through, and by staying a member of IA [Innovators Alliance] I was able to have that additional support to get me through those trying times and was well worth staying.”

Steve McGowan, Cofounder, Matias

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Capitalize on the Power of Your Peers

No matter what business you are in, you will benefit from engaging in open, free, and honest discussions at the highest level of corporate decision-making. Whether you are experiencing challenges with staff, looking for honest feedback on new ideas, want to improve products and processes, or want a second opinion on big decisions, a CEO can benefit from the experience of other leaders who have faced similar issues in the past.

The power of the group’s shared network is also immense. This trusted forum can connect you with potential partners, suppliers, prospects, and subject matter experts to help propel your business forward.

What Leaders Say About CEO Roundtables:

“It’s a group of individuals with similar life experiences, similar business experiences, that provide comfort, since they’ve gone through the same challenges that I have as an entrepreneur. We constantly challenge each other, on a regular basis, in what we’re doing to innovate, and to keep moving.”

Bud Morris, President, Canada’s Best Store Fixtures.

“It’s truly (about) having a network of people to talk about issues. I am an expert in my industry, by far, but I am not an expert yet in business, so having a group of people who I can bounce ideas off, and who can give me that sage advice, has been critical to growing my business.”

Lisa Bragg, CEO of Mediaface.

See What Innovators Alliance Has to Offer

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