This realization triggered us to design a tool to help you, the strategist, review your corporation not just according to the abstract concept of integrity, but by its actions. Doing so will enable you to determine whether you’re developing an innovation strategy that is indeed socially responsible, while also encouraging you to pinpoint the exact areas in which your company can improve.

We call it our Future Impact Wheel. We’ve tested our own company with it, along with some of the organizations we work with, but it’s still an MVP at this stage. We aim to improve it with your feedback.

This tool can be used by executives, but we would also like to see whether employees find success with it. We propose that employees use it to evaluate the organization and challenge not only each other but also their managers by highlighting areas that need to be improved.

The Future Impact Wheel also comes with a set of inspirational analogy cards around ‘star companies’ that score remarkably well on one or more of these impact values (disclaimer: these are still a work in progress; if we should include your company, please let us know). For these, we are considering two different formats: Either a complete analogy card about one specific company or condensing the information into brainstorm cards that ask triggering “what if” questions (similar to these brainstorm cards that we use during our ideation sessions). 


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